Damon Clear

Why settle for traditional braces when Dr. Zeifman is a provider of Damon Clear?

Damon Clear has clear advantages over traditional braces. Virtually invisible, Damon Clear is part of the innovative Damon System, which combines tieless braces with high technology archwires that are clinically proven to move teeth more efficiently and comfortably with a beautiful, healthy, and confident smile as your finished result.

Will my friends and family know I’m wearing braces?

With Damon Clear, people may not even realize you’re wearing braces. Some “clear” braces have very visible metal parts or elastic ties that can stain during treatment. But tieless Damon Clear braces are more discrete and resistant to staining and discoloration throughout your treatment.

While treatment time can vary, clinical studies demonstrate that Damon System treatment is up to six months faster than traditional braces.

And while invisible aligners can be effective at straightening some crooked teeth, not everyone is a candidate. In contrast, Damon Clear works 24 hours a day, seven days a week to perfectly align ALL teeth for a phenomenal smile that enhances your entire facial appearance. We don’t remove our braces until the time is right, so they are always working for you!

The Comfortable Choice is Clear!

Studies show that the Damon System provides more comfortable orthodontic treatment than traditional braces. Damon Clear uses tieless braces that don’t need to be “tightened.” Our braces are more gentle to the teeth and tissues. Other styles of braces use elastics or active clips that bind archwires in place, which can slow down treatment and cause more discomfort. They are sleek, stylish, and easy to keep clean! Why choose anything else?

Find out if Damon Clear is right for you! Schedule your complimentary consultation appointment with Dr. Zeifman!