Earn, Save & Smile

Zeifman ZO DO’ Rewards make you the star of the show. We need your cooperation to get the smile results you want.

About the Zeifman ZO DO’ Reward Program

At Zeifman Orthodontics, you can earn rewards while working on your smile. At each appointment, you can earn ZO DO’ bucks for taking great care of your teeth, gums, and braces.

The ZO DO’ Rewards program is designed to recognize the hard work you do to maintain good oral hygiene, excellent appointment attendance, good elastic and appliance wear, and overall great cooperation.

Earn gift cards to spend at some of your favorite stores by committing to doing your part to make sure your treatment plan keeps moving in the right direction.

We’ll award your ZO DO’ bucks at your appointments. When you’ve earned enough bucks, you can redeem them for an awesome gift card to spend any way you want.

Start Earning Rewards

At your next visit, ask us how you can start earning your rewards.

Download our Program Guide.
Download our Cleaning Certificates.