ZO DO’ Rewards

Our Zeifman Zoo Crew Kids’ Club is an exciting club for patients in our practice who may need full orthodontic treatment one day, but aren’t quite ready yet. The Zoo Crew Club is open to all Zeifman Orthodontics patients who have completed a new patient exam and are seeing Dr. Zeifman for growth and development appointments.

Growth and development appointments are important for monitoring the growth of your jaw as well as the eruption of your permanent teeth so that Dr. Zeifman may determine the perfect time for initiating orthodontic treatment. We want to ensure that your jaw is growing as expected, that your teeth are erupting as anticipated, and that your bite is developing correctly. The cool part is that by monitoring your growth and development, Dr. Zeifman can customize your treatment plan before we even place braces on your teeth!

The Zeifman Zoo Crew also welcomes patients who are currently in their first phase of orthodontic treatment, as well as those who have completed their first phase of treatment and still have a second phase of treatment remaining.

Zoo Crew Club members receive their own special t-shirt, an awesome ID card, and access to special contests, prizes and events. Club members are also eligible to receive exclusive ZO DO bucks at each growth and development check-up appointment. Don’t miss out on all the fun! Join the Zeifman Zoo Crew Kids’ Club at your next appointment!

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