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The Truth About Invisalign

In recent years, there have been many amazing changes in the design, shape, size and even color of traditional braces. They’re smaller, more aesthetically pleasing, and can efficiently correct a… Read More

Dr. Zeifman treating patient with Invisalign

Is Invisalign Worth It?

When you learn that you or your child need orthodontic treatment, you may not be sure what to expect from the weeks and months ahead. If you don’t know much… Read More

The Different Types Of Malocclusions

The Different Types Of Malocclusions

Unless you find yourself hanging around with orthodontists regularly, you probably haven’t heard the term “malocclusions” very often! This is actually the technical term we use for a misalignment of… Read More

All About Damon Braces

All About Damon Braces

In the not too distant past, straightening your smile could be a long, tedious, and sometimes painful process. Braces were bigger, bulkier, and less comfortable than the ones we use… Read More

Breast Cancer awareness month

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Zeifman Orthodontics is going to #thinkpink during the month of October!  For the entire month, our team will be wearing pink lab coats in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness.… Read More

Dr. Zeifman working on a patient's teeth

All About Invisalign

While there have been some amazing advances in orthodontics in recent years, many patients are still uncomfortable with the idea of wearing traditional braces. Although modern braces are more comfortable… Read More

Dr. Zeifman and a patient

Lingual Braces

Orthodontic patients these days are fortunate to have more treatment options than ever before! Some are well-known, such as traditional braces and clear aligners, while others don’t get quite as… Read More