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Treatment With Braces

Orthodontic Braces In Florham Park and Mattituck

Zeifman Orthodontics is pleased to offer a variety of special orthodontic braces options to patients in Florham Park and Mattituck. At Zeifman Orthodontics, we only utilize traditional, metal braces for our early orthodontic treatment patients. All other patients—including both teens and adults—can choose from several different types of appliances, including LightForce clear braces, InBrace hidden braces and clear aligners. Visit Dr. Zeifman in Florham Park or Mattituck for an in-office consultation or a virtual consultation to determine which braces type is right for you.

What Are Braces?

These orthodontic appliances are a tried and true way of straightening your smile! They are designed to gradually move teeth into their desired positions, improving both the function and appearance of the teeth and bite. With recent advancements in orthodontic technology, these appliances are more comfortable, sleek and efficient than ever before. The various parts of these appliances vary based on the type of appliance—however, braces typically include the following parts:

  • Brackets: These are small, typically square-shaped attachments made from metal, ceramic or other materials. Brackets are typically bonded to the surface of each tooth using dental adhesive. They serve as anchors for the other components of the appliances.

  • Archwire: The archwire is a thin, flexible wire that runs through the brackets and applies gentle pressure on the teeth. It guides the movement of the teeth into their proper positions over time. The archwire is periodically adjusted or replaced by the orthodontist to maintain progress.

  • Ligatures Or O-Rings: These are tiny elastic bands or metal wires that secure the archwire to the brackets. Ligatures can be clear or colored and are often changed during routine adjustment visits.

  • Bands: In some cases, orthodontic bands may be used. These are metal rings that wrap around the back molars to provide additional support.

Why Are Straight Teeth Important?

A straight smile does more than just look great—it also contributes to the overall health and function of your teeth. There are several ways in which braces and other orthodontic treatments can benefit your overall oral health. Straight smiles are easier to keep clean—they are easy to brush, making you less likely to develop cavities and gum disease. Crooked and misaligned teeth are not only harder to take care of, but they can also make simple tasks such as chewing and talking difficult. Additionally, when your teeth are misaligned, your confidence suffers. At Zeifman Orthodontics, we want to help you create a smile that is both healthy and beautiful!

Types Of Braces At Zeifman Orthodontics

At Zeifman Orthodontics, we aim to provide orthodontic solutions that meet our patients’ unique needs. That’s why we offer a variety of braces options to fit any lifestyle! During your consultation at Zeifman Orthodontics, Dr. Zeifman will conduct a detailed examination of your teeth and bite, discuss your budget and goals and offer a customized treatment plan that is tailored just for you. We offer the following types of braces:

We offer metal appliances for children undergoing early orthodontic treatment. These traditional appliances utilize metal brackets and wires, and patients can customize their ligature colors. During early orthodontic treatment, Dr. Zeifman can use these appliances to help make room for erupting permanent teeth, align the bite and prevent more severe orthodontic issues in the future.

Traditional orthodontic appliances are one-size-fits-all—brackets and wires are factory standard and are then adjusted to fit the patient’s smile. In contrast, LightForce appliances are 3D-printed and completely customized to the patient’s tooth size and shape. As a result, patients can anticipate more efficient treatment and fewer in-person appointments. In fact, LightForce has been shown to reduce treatment time by 37%. Additionally, brackets are tooth-colored, providing a more discreet treatment option.

Unlike traditional and LightForce clear braces, InBrace® lingual braces—also known as hidden braces—are placed on the back of the tooth’s surface rather than the front.

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Caring For Your Braces

It is important to care for your appliances as outlined by Dr. Zeifman. This includes:

  • Maintaining excellent oral hygiene, including brushing, flossing and using mouthwash

  • Avoiding sticky, chewy or hard foods that could damage appliances

  • Wearing mouthguards when participating in sports

  • Attending orthodontic appointments as directed

To learn more about caring for your appliances, click here.

Start Your Braces Journey Today

Zeifman Orthodontics has everything you need to get the beautiful, healthy smile you deserve. To find out which of our orthodontic treatment options is right for you, request a complimentary consultation with our team! Request an in-office or virtual consultation online, or call our Florham Park office at 973-408-9183 or our Mattituck office at 631-248-2400.

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Total Smile Care

For The Whole Family

At Zeifman Orthodontics, we believe that people of all ages deserve the best and most comprehensive orthodontic care. We are dedicated to helping each patient achieve their dream smile in a way that fits their budget and lifestyle.