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Surgical Orthodontics

Orthodontic Surgery in Florham Park and Mattituck

When issues with bite and alignment cannot be treated with braces alone, surgical orthodontics, also known as jaw surgery, is often the treatment recommended by Dr. Zeifman. This corrective procedure involves straightening and repositioning the jaw and teeth to correct the existing problems with jaw structure and function. If jaw surgery is right for you, Dr. Zeifman and the Zeifman Orthodontics team will connect you with a specialized oral surgeon to determine your personal surgical needs.

When Is Surgical Orthodontics Necessary?

The placement of your jaw and teeth, and the severity of your jaw misalignment, will determine if jaw surgery is necessary. Jaw surgery is typically recommended when there is significant jaw malfunction or misalignment, or the top and bottom part of one’s jaw doesn’t line up correctly, and braces and other orthodontic appliances are not enough for correcting the existing issues. This treatment is an available option for patients of all ages, but adult patients are the ones who most often receive this treatment since surgical orthodontics is best for when one’s jaw has finished growing, which is typically by age 16 in females and age 18 in males.

Physical Signs And Symptoms Of A Misaligned Jaw

Dr. Zeifman will consider surgical orthodontics as the recommended treatment for patients who exhibit the common physical signs and symptoms of a misaligned jaw. Patients with a misaligned jaw often have one or more of the following physical signs:

  • Asymmetrical face shape

  • Protruding jaw

  • Receding chin

  • Open bite

Patients with a misaligned jaw often experience one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty chewing or swallowing

  • Nighttime teeth grinding

  • Painful jaw popping

  • Speech difficulties

  • Sleep apnea

When Will I Learn If Surgical Orthodontics Is Right For Me?

After completing a comprehensive exam, Dr. Zeifman will analyze your X-rays, photos and records to determine if orthodontic surgery is right for you. If the severity of your case is such that you could benefit from a surgical procedure, we will recommend surgery as part of your orthodontic treatment plan. Dr. Zeifman and the team can connect you with a trusted oral surgeon in the Florham Park or Mattituck areas and continue to communicate with this oral surgeon to coordinate your treatment.

How Do Surgical Orthodontics Work?

Surgical orthodontic work is completed by an oral surgeon. If we determine that jaw surgery is right for you, we will provide you with a referral, help you coordinate your appointments and answer any questions you might have regarding the procedure, the estimated recovery time and any related risks. The surgery itself will be done in a hospital. The length of surgery varies from patient to patient depending on the severity of the jaw’s misalignment, but typically takes several hours.

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Why Should I Opt For Surgical Orthodontics?

Undergoing jaw surgery has both aesthetic and health benefits. Aesthetically, you deserve a healthy, beautiful, confident smile—and by undergoing this procedure, you can expect better facial symmetry and increased confidence. This procedure also can improve your quality of life and prevent health issues in the future, such as chronic pain, difficulty eating and talking or TMJ disorders.

Learn More About Surgical Orthodontics Today

If we have not yet had the opportunity to determine if you are a good candidate for surgical orthodontics, please contact us by calling our Florham Park office, 973-408-9183, or our Mattituck office, 631-248-2400. We’d be happy to schedule a complimentary consultation with Dr. Zeifman.

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