Actual patient of Dr. Zeifman

Current Patient Virtual Visit

Virtual Orthodontic Care For The Zeifman Family

It is important to check in with Dr. Zeifman and the Zeifman Orthodontics team throughout your orthodontic treatment journey to ensure that everything is going smoothly and your treatment is on track. Save a trip to the office and request a current patient virtual visit anytime, anywhere!

How Current Patient Virtual Visits Work

To request a virtual visit, follow these steps:

  • Use your smartphone to take 8 pictures of your smile from the angles below. Please use your flash for these photographs.

  • Fill out our virtual visit form on this page and email your photographs to

  • That’s it! Dr. Zeifman will then assess your photos and your information and reach out with further treatment guidance.

straight on photo of straight face
straight on photo of smiling face
side profile of straight face
side vide of teeth
front view of teeth smiling
side view of teeth orthodontic consultation
top of mouth photo
bottom of mouth photo of teeth

Current Patient Virtual Visit

Check On Your Orthodontic Treatment Progress

Important HIPAA Notice

At Zeifman Orthodontics, protecting your private patient information is of the utmost importance. However, it is important to know that the information that you send to us via email is not encrypted, and therefore, is at risk of being viewed by a third party if someone were to gain access to your email account. Please note the following information about HIPAA and email communications:

  • HIPAA stands for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

  • HIPAA was passed in 1996 by the United States government to establish privacy and security protections for health information.

  • All patient health information stored in our computers at Zeifman Orthodontics is encrypted—however, information sent via email is often not encrypted.

  • Popular email services such as Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail do not utilize encryption.

  • HIPAA guidelines state that if a patient is made aware of the risks of transmitting private health information via email, then healthcare practices may communicate with patients via unencrypted email.

When we send you an email, or you send us an email, the information sent is not encrypted. That means a third party may be able to access the information and read it since it is transmitted over the Internet. If you receive an email, someone may be able to access your email account and read it.

For more information about HIPAA and email communications, click here. By sending a request for virtual consultation via email, you hereby accept the terms, conditions and risks associated with communicating private health information via email.