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Patient Rewards Program

Zeifman Orthodontics Family Rewards

The Zeifman Orthodontics Patient Rewards Program is our way of saying thank you for embracing your part. ZO DO’ is Zeifman Orthodontics’s (ZO) clever name for the reward dollars, or “DO’,” which is pronounced like “dough.” At Zeifman Orthodontics, our special ZO DO’ is designed to recognize the hard work you do as we partner with you to take care of your smile.

How Does the Zeifman Orthodontics Patient Rewards Program Work?

Patients at Zeifman Orthodontics have the opportunity to collect ZO DO’ Bucks at each appointment. Zeifman Orthodontics encourages you to give your best effort in all the key areas, such as: 

  • Good daily oral hygiene

  • Consistent elastic and appliance wear

  • Excellent appointment attendance

Patients at Zeifman Orthodontics can earn ZO DO’ Bucks rewards in all the following ways:

  • Good attention you give to taking care of your teeth, gums, and braces

  • Careful following of your prescribed treatment plan

  • Participation in one of our contests

  • Consistency with appointments

  • Liking Zeifman Orthodontics on Facebook

The more you do, the more ZO DO’ Zeifman Orthodontics has for you!

Patient Rewards In Florham Park

Zeifman Orthodontics reminds our patients to save up ZO DO’ Bucks and, when you are ready, redeem them for a gift card to one of your favorite stores. 50 ZO DO’ Bucks equals a $10 gift certificate, and 100 ZO DO’ Bucks equals a $25 gift certificate. ZO DO’ Bucks are our way of saying thank you for embracing your part in our care for your smile! The rewards program will be coming to our Mattituck location soon!

Start Earning Patient Rewards

To learn more about our Patient Rewards Program, watch the video of Dr. Zeifman below. You can also download our Program Guide and our Cleaning Certificates to see how you can start earning some ZO DO’. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our Florham Park office at (973) 408-9183.

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Total Smile Care

For The Whole Family

At Zeifman Orthodontics, we believe that people of all ages deserve the best and most comprehensive orthodontic care. We are dedicated to helping each patient achieve their dream smile in a way that fits their budget and lifestyle.