If you’ve been in our boutique Florham Park, NJ office before, you know that comfortable, cutting-edge, and modern is to be expected of Zeifman Orthodontics. Not only is Dr. Zeifman and her expert team up-to-date on the latest trends that make you feel at home, but we make sure your orthodontic treatment and braces technology is the most innovative and efficient, too! Our goal isn’t just to give you the smile of your dreams. After every appointment, you’ll leave our office knowing that you got the best possible care. 

To ensure we are keeping this promise, we are excited to offer our braces patients the most ingenious technology developed for the orthodontic industry in decades, LightForce braces! This highly-intelligent system offers customization through 3D printed brackets designed through a state-of-the-art digital platform, making them the most comfortable and most efficient braces option you can find for a perfect fit every time.

Let’s look at how LightForce will give you the results you’re looking for with an experience you likely wouldn’t expect of braces. 

What are LightForce braces?

LightForce provides a revolutionary approach to your fixed-appliance treatment by utilizing digital precision for bracket-based treatment to create a completely customized prescription for every patient. The brackets are custom-made to the specific shape of each individual tooth for optimal adhering, placement, and comfort. 

But that’s not all. The sophisticated LightForce system takes the wait out of situations where a traditional bracket couldn’t be adequately placed due to spacing or tooth orientation. LightForce can also mean fewer emergencies like broken brackets since the braces adhere more precisely. 

The LightForce System

The different components of the LightForce technology work together to create a level of digital dental efficiency that helps your braces work smarter, not harder. 

This system is made up of:


LightForce 3D printed ceramic polycrystalline alumina brackets are fully customizable to your individual tooth anatomy and bite. They come in two innovative styles: the Cloud Bracket and the Light Bracket. The Cloud bracket is white-colored, and while it is more discreet than a metal bracket, many patients prefer to use colored elastic bands that are common with traditional braces to get an almost neon effect. For patients looking for a more aesthetical treatment option, the Light Bracket offers the translucent appearance you’ve expected from ceramic braces.


The LightTray bonding jig is a patient-specific, 3D-printed indirect bonding tray that only works specifically with LightForce brackets. These trays are ergonomically designed to provide exceptional placement accuracy and speed. 

LightForce also offers the LightForce Bite TurboTrays to aid in bite correction. These appliances can be placed on the lingual or tongue side of your teeth to help in aligning an open bite or prevent damage to certain teeth during your bite adjustment. 


LightPlan is a web-based software by LightForce that provides an intuitive and easy-to-use platform for Dr. Zeifman to create, adjust, and approve treatment plans. This process is unique to the LightForce system and allows for exact adjustments that are specific to the patient and the very tooth itself.

The Difference

Clearly, the most significant difference between LightForce braces and your other options for orthodontic treatment is the customization that comes from the precise digital scans and 3D printed brackets and bonding trays. While clear aligners are customized to your mouth, and metal brackets have gotten smaller over the years, nothing comes close to the precision and accuracy of tooth-level definition in orthodontic treatment. 

Because every bracket is personalized to each of your teeth, instead of being one-size-fits-all and then adhered using a specially made bonding tray instead of having to be placed in a particular spot to get a good grip, you can expect them to feel more natural while also requiring fewer office visits for broken brackets or needing adjustments. With the LightForce software, Dr. Zeifman can make exact and intentional placements and adjustments, meaning fewer trips and a shorter time in treatment overall. 

Everything You Need to Know About LightForce Braces

What does the process look like with LightForce?

During your initial consultation for orthodontic treatment, Dr. Zeifman will explain what this type of treatment involves and the benefits and risks that can come with it. She will then use a special camera to take high-resolution 3D images of your teeth and mouth shape. 

Next, she will utilize the LightPlan software to create an initial treatment plan based on the scan she just took of your teeth. This plan will outline the expected movement of your teeth and is customized based on your current alignment and the treatment you need. While it isn’t common to need to change your treatment plan once you’ve started, LightForce’s software ensures your treatment can be customized at any point. 

After your treatment plan is finalized and approved, your custom brackets and bonding trays will be 3D printed for each tooth’s unique shape and intended movement during treatment. These tailor-made appliances will be sent to Dr. Zeifman to be applied at your next appointment. 

During the application process, the LightForce brackets are placed in the LightTray to ensure they are placed in the exact position on your tooth to provide efficient and effective movement throughout your orthodontic treatment. While the LightTray is custom to your mouth, this appliance will only be used by Dr. Zeifman during your placement and is not something you will be expected to use at home. 

Everything You Need to Know About LightForce Braces

Where cutting-edge feels like home, LightForce Braces with Zeifman Orthodontics is your custom option for a beautiful new smile!

There is nothing basic or boring about Dr. Zeifman and her skilled team at Zeifman Orthodontics, so you shouldn’t expect basic or boring braces here either. We are focused on your comfort and the efficiency of your orthodontic treatment, so we take great pride in providing the LightForce braces technology and all of the benefits that come with it. From ease and comfort of your initial application to the overall time you will save from having the precision of customization, your best smile is just one set of custom braces away! Call us today to schedule your free consultation to start your smile journey today!